Survey: Use of literature databases by conservation biologists

How do conservation scientists, managers, policymakers, educators and other users of scientific publications find specific information relevant to their conservation problem, solution or research interest? SCBO President Richard Kingsford, Mike Calver and colleagues are investigating the effectiveness of scientific databases …

Survey: research priorities for conservation & natural resource management in Oceania

As conservation scientists, most of us hope to conduct research that will be useful to practitioners, and will ultimately “make a difference”. However, it remains unclear whether the areas towards which we are investing our research efforts will actually produce …

Registration support available for members from Pacific Islands to attend ICCB 2015

iccb-eccb2015SCB Oceania have funds available to cover the registration fees for two members attending ICCB 2015 in Montpellier.
To be considered, please e-mail Rebecca with the subject “SCBO conference support” by 12 noon AEST on May 7th and include:
– proof of abstract acceptance
– whether you are a student
– whether you have secured travel funds to attend the conference, will have someone to present on your behalf, or would send a poster