Registration support available for members from Pacific Islands to attend ICCB 2015

iccb-eccb2015SCB Oceania have funds available to cover the registration fees for two members attending ICCB 2015 in Montpellier.
To be considered, please e-mail Rebecca with the subject “SCBO conference support” by 12 noon AEST on May 7th and include:
– proof of abstract acceptance
– whether you are a student
– whether you have secured travel funds to attend the conference, will have someone to present on your behalf, or would send a poster

Cool new conservation science, April 2015

Three new papers that caught our eye:

Aaron MacNeil & colleagues’ analysis of fish declines in coral reefs shows that simple fishing limits and implementation of marine protected areas can be enough to support recovery of coral ecosystem resilience.
Christophe Cleguer & colleagues found a mismatch between important dugong habitats and marine protected areas in New Caledonia.
Megan Evans and colleagues found that assisting vegetation to grow back naturally could be a far more profitable way for farmers to lock in carbon than the more commonly considered method of planting trees and shrubs.