Vanessa Adams


Vanessa Adams is a Senior Lecturer in Conservation Biology at the University of Tasmania. Her research broadly fits into two themes: ecological modelling to understand dynamic ecosystems and human dimensions of conservation. Vanessa partners with relevant government agencies and NGOs to ensure that her research is relevant to policy makers and is positioned to influence on-ground conservation.

Vanessa is the Oceania Representative to the SCB Conference Committee

Nicola Nelson

President Elect

Nicola is Associate Professor in Conservation Biology at Victoria University of Wellington. Her research interest is generally in the field of ecology and evolution, and specifically in the effects of temperature on reptile ecology, population ecology and conservation. Nicola led the organisation of the Society for Conservation Biology – Oceania Section Conference in 2018 in Wellington.

Tim Doherty


Tim Doherty is a Research Fellow in Terrestrial Ecology at the Centre for Integrative Ecology, Deakin University. He conducts applied research aiming to inform policy and management, and specialises in disturbance ecology, predator-prey dynamics and invasive species.

Twitter: @TimDoherty_

Monica Awasthy

Monica is the Birds in Backyards Program Manager at BirdLife Australia. Her focus areas are citizen science, community engagement, and research and conservation of birds that live where people live.

Monica is the Oceania representative to the Global Chapters Committee.

Twitter: @monawasthy

Toni Love

Toni is a lawyer at Chapman Tripp in Wellington. Her key areas of research include environmental law and policy, indigenous law, and the inclusion of Māori cultural concepts in the environmental legislative framework. Toni aims to use her science and law degrees to educate scientists working in conservation about the legal framework and legal professionals about science considerations in law and policy making.

Shannon Rivera

Shannon Noelle Rivera is a researcher with the Hawaiʻi Wildlife Ecology Lab and holds a position with Hawaii’s Kaulunani Urban and Community Forestry Program. Her areas of focus are addressing animal welfare considerations and gender inclusive strategies within conservation practice.

Twitter: @HiShannxn

Danielle Shanahan

Danielle is Manager of Conservation and Research at Zealandia sanctuary in Wellington, New Zealand. Her research focuses on urban ecology, as well as the human connection with nature and the benefits that arise from it. Danielle is also co-chair of the Local Organising Committee for the Wellington 2018 SCB Oceania conference.

Twitter: @shanahandanz

Vivitskaia Tulloch

Vivitskaia Tulloch is a researcher with Griffith University. Her focus is on ecological modelling to understand and manage dynamic marine ecosystems, spatial prioritisation and optimisation for effective conservation decision-making, and prioritising threat management for marine and connected land-sea systems. She collaborates with a wide range of partners on all projects from NGOs to government agencies to ensure her research is applicable and accessible to agencies and stakeholders involved in making conservation decisions.

Twitter: @vivtulloch

Rebecca Weeks

Rebecca is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University. Her research focuses on conservation planning for protected areas and complementary management strategies, primarily for coral reef ecosystems in tropical developing countries.

Twitter: @rebeccaweeks

Amanda Wheatley

Amanda is Biodiversity and Ecosystem Officer at Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).

Twitter: @W1Wheatley

Richard Kingsford

Adjunct Member

Richard Kingsford is the Director of the Centre for Ecosystem Science, UNSW Sydney. He researches freshwater ecosystems, restoration ecology and adaptive management of ecosystems.

Megan Evans

Adjunct Member

Megan is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. Her research falls broadly within environmental policy, governance and economics, with a particular focus on how complex policy processes translate into environmental outcomes.

Megan is the Oceania representative to the SCB Global Policy Committee.

Twitter: @megcevans

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