SCBO student award winners!

Our 2015 student awards, for the best publication and conference presentation, were announced at the closing ceremony for ICCB-ECCB 215 in Montpellier. Both winners get free registration to SCBO Brisbane 2016!

Best student publication award winner: Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh

We were hugely impressed by the quality and diversity of papers published by our student members. Thanks to all entrants! You can find links to their contributions below.

The judges agreed that Jessica’s paper “The effect of scientific evidence on conservation practitioners’ management decisions” was a great read, with clear significance for conservation practice, and hugely relevant to SCBO’s mission to promote effective conservation underpinned by science.

Jessica’s paper is open access, and available online here.

Jessica's paper in Conservation Biology
Jessica’s paper in Conservation Biology

All entrants:
Adrian Arias (2015). Understanding and managing compliance in the nature conservation context. Journal of Environmental Management 153, 134–143.
Stephanie Borrelle, Buxton, R. T., Jones, H. P., and Towns, D. R. (2015). A GIS-based decision-making approach for prioritizing seabird management following predator eradication. Restor Ecol, n/a–n/a.
Gemma Carroll, Slip, D., Jonsen, I., and Harcourt, R. (2014). Supervised accelerometry analysis can identify prey capture by penguins at sea. Journal of Experimental Biology 217, 4295–4302.
Tim Doherty, Davis, R. A., van Etten, E. J. B., Algar, D., Collier, N., Dickman, C. R., Edwards, G., Masters, P., Palmer, R., and Robinson, S. (2015). A continental-scale analysis of feral cat diet in Australia. Journal of Biogeography 42, 964–975.
Claire Foster, Barton, P. S., and Lindenmayer, D. B. (2014). Effects of large native herbivores on other animals. Journal of Applied Ecology 51, 929–938.
Georgina Gurney, Cinner, J. E., Ban, N. C., and Pressey, R. L. (2014). Poverty and protected areas: An evaluation of a marine integrated conservation and development project in Indonesia. Global Environmental Change 26, 98–107.
Jasmine Lee, Maggini, R., Taylor, M. F. J., and Fuller, R. A. (2015). Mapping the Drivers of Climate Change Vulnerability for Australia’s Threatened Species. PLoS ONE 10, e0124766.
Michel Ohmer, Cramp, R. L., White, C. R., and Franklin, C. E. (2014). Skin sloughing rate increases with chytrid fungus infection load in a susceptible amphibian. Funct Ecol 29, 674–682.
Jessica Walsh, Dicks, L. V., and Sutherland, W. J. (2014). The effect of scientific evidence on conservation practitioners’ management decisions. Conservation Biology 29, 88–98.

Best student presentation award winner: Tim Doherty

Tim Doherty

Thanks to all our presentation award entrants: Olivia Burge, Sam Dawson, Tim Doherty, Claire Foster, Sarsha Gorissen, Melanie Hamel, Michel Ohmer, Sandra Vardeh (Vogel), & Jessica Walsh.

It was really tough to choose a winner, but in the end we were most impressed by Tim, who produced a really clear and effective poster presentation and did a great job of engaging with conference attendees and answering tough questions!

You can check out his poster below, and read more about his research on his website.

Doherty ICCB_poster_ low res