Field Science in Papua New Guinea

Trekking into Musiamunat. Photo © Justine E. Hausheer / TNC
Trekking into Musiamunat. Photo © Justine E. Hausheer / TNC

Recent posts from Justine Hausheer on TNC’s Cool Green Science blog provide a great insight into what life is like for a scientist in the field in Oceania.

A global map of where The Nature Conservancy works reads like an adventurer’s bucket list: Mongolia’s vast grasslands. Gabon’s Ogooué River basin. Australia’s wild Martu country. Indonesia’s Raja Ampat shark sanctuary. Colombia’s glittering rainforests. Many of these places are exceedingly remote by conventional standards: only accessible by boat or a rugged 4-wheel drive. But perhaps no place where the Conservancy works is as difficult to access as the remote communities in Papua New Guinea’s Adelbert Mountains.

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