Already a member of SCB Oceania and want to get more involved?

  • Keep up to date! Make sure that you’re following our News, Twitter and/or Facebook.
  • Join the conversations on Conservation Connection. Conservation Connection is an online community platform designed for SCB members to collaborate, share and connect with one another. SCB Oceania has it’s own forum to help you connect with other members in our region.
  • Attend one of our conferencesOur conferences bring together the community of conservation professionals from across our region, and have a fun and friendly atmosphere, with plenty of opportunities to network and socialise with your colleagues.
  • Apply for a student awardEach year, SCBO awards prizes for the best student publication and conference presentation. It’s a great way to get your research out there, boost your CV and win SCB membership or registration to an upcoming SCB conference!
  • Nominate yourself to join our BoardNominations for the SCB Oceania Section Board of Directors open in April each year, and successful candidates are elected to the board following a ballot of our members. Board members are actively engaged in our Conservation Science & Education and/or Environmental Policy committees, and shape the direction of our Society. It’s a great opportunity to work alongside wonderful colleagues and grow your professional network too!
  • Join a Chapter. If you live in Sydney, Greater Melbourne, Brisbane, Wellington, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands or Hawaii, you can join one of our Chapters. Chapters provide a way for our members to become involved in local conservation initiatives. Some Chapters focus on a single city, county, or campus; others cover broader geographic areas from state to national levels. Some draw their membership primarily from students and faculty at academic institutions; some are comprised of practitioners and conservation scientists from many fields; and some are a healthy mix of both students and professionals.
  • Start a Chapter! If you don’t have a Chapter near you, you could start one! Lots of resources are available to help, and there’s almost always a “How to Start a Chapter” event at our conferences. Get in touch if you want to know more!
  • Help with our Policy SubmissionsIn addition to preparing our own policy statements, SCB Oceania frequently signs or authors policy statements relating to issues that we think are important to our membership. Watch our website and social media for specific calls to contribute, or if you have an idea for a policy submission that you think we should make, please get in touch.