Chapter Spotlight: Hawai‘i

Long-recognized for its outstanding community of conservationists, Hawai‘i initiated the first statewide chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology in January of this year. The Hawai‘i Chapter is one of the newest groups to join the Society for Conservation Biology Oceania! Hawai‘i is unique in that we are the first chapter within the Society to belong to two regional sections, we are also a part of the SCB North America Section, and we look forward to using our position to help define the intersections our global communities.

Based out of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, the statewide chapter encompasses a wide-range of conservation minded individuals across multiple islands from students and professors to land managers and community members.

In its inaugural year, the Hawai‘i Chapter has undertaken numerous efforts to restore habitats in Hawai‘i and make progress towards effectively communicating science to folks lacking a science background. Efforts have included beach clean-up events, seabird habitat restoration, forest bird banding, workshops and initiating a partnership with Ka Leo O, the student newspaper based at the University.

We are looking forward to growing our new chapter, connecting with our Oceania community and helping Hawaii’s incredibly unique ecosystems get the support it needs. We are constantly looking for people interested in joining our efforts! If you’re interested, please contact us by email at and visit Even if you are not lucky enough to join us in the islands, you can always follow along on our Facebook!