Scientists’ Declaration on Accelerating forest, woodland and grassland destruction in Australia released at SCBO 2016

On Friday, scientists from across the world, in conjunction with scientific societies and the delegates of the Society for Conservation Biology Oceania Conference, called upon Australian governments and parliaments, especially those of Queensland and New South Wales, to take action. We called for the prevention of a return to the damaging past of high rates of woodland and forest destruction, in order to protect the unique biodiversity and marine environments of which Australia is sole custodian.

You can read our Scientists’ Declaration on Accelerating forest, woodland and grassland destruction in Australia here.

You can also read press coverage of the Declaration in the Sydney Morning Herald and from the ABC.

At 09:33am on Friday 8th July a co-ordinated “thunderclap” echoed this call to more than 400,000 followers on social media.

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  1. Bernie Masters

    This is the 2nd time SCB has initiated or been the lead organisation in what I call activist and hence highly political activities. The declaration makes no mention of the removal of Aboriginal fire regimes from western NSW and much of Queensland where, since 1788, there has been significant establishment of woodlands where grasslands and heathlands had existed for 1000s of years as a direct result of Aboriginal fire practices.

    I will not be renewing my membership of the Society.

  2. Rebecca

    Dear Bernie,

    The results from our survey of SCB Oceania members indicate that our membership considers advocacy to be the number one priority area for investing our resources. Richard Kingsford put this Declaration to the 500 attendees at the SCB Oceania conference in Brisbane last week (I don’t think that you were in attendance?), where it was backed unanimously, with no abstention. We are proud of SCBO’s leadership in advocating for Australian habitats.

    It does seem as though the Society does not fit your interests well, and we wish you all the best.

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