2016 Annual General Meeting Agenda

Our 2016 AGM will be held during the Society for Conservation Biology 4th Oceania Congress, July 7th, 6.00-7.00pm in the Plaza Auditorium (Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on Grey Street).
Drinks and nibbles will be provided, so please come along if you are in Brisbane!
The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

  1. Minutes and actions from the 2015 Annual General Meeting in Montpellier
  2. Board members – introduction, including new board members
  3. Election of office bearers on the Board: Treasurer, Secretary, Electoral Officer – Voting item
  4. Activities of the Board
    1. Strategic planning and workplanning
    2. Contribution to Board of Governors – Affiliation
    3. Conferences (Vanessa) – SCBO 2018, ICCB 2017
    4. Communications (Bec Weeks)
    5. Policy (internal and external) and submissions (Megan Evans)
  5. Amendment of Constitution (download amended constitution with changes highlighted) (Voting item)
    1. Establishment of a past president position, consistent with SCB global Board of Governors
    2. Addition of clause to establish a Board contract and identify a process for removal of Board member of breach of contract
    3. Alteration to improve application for Registered Environmental Organisation for tax exemption status in the future
  6. Financial statement (2015-2016) – Vanessa Adams
  7. Further development as an independent organisation
    1. Registered Environmental Organisation, Charity, Tax Office registration
  8. Global perspective – James Watson (President)
  9. Land clearing statement – presented by Martine Maron

The formal meeting proceedings will be followed by lively discussion about future SCBO initiatives, over drinks.