Recent policy submissions

In addition to preparing our own policy statements, SCBO frequently signs or authors policy statements relating to issues that we think are important to our membership.

Here are three recent contributions:

Science Statement of Support for a Network of Marine Reserves welcoming the Western Australian State Government’s commitment to create a Great Kimberley Marine Park – February 2015.

Submission on the Abbot Point Port Development Proposalidentifying some major concerns we have on the impacts of this development the Caley Wetlands and their organisms, including migratory shorebirds and the endangered Australian painted snipe, and the impacts of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. December 2014.

Joint submission to the Australian Government’s Green Paper on Developing Northern Australia (with the Kimberley to Cape Network). August 2014.
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Whilst we can’t respond to everything, if there’s an issue that you think should be on our radar, please get in touch.