Chapter Spotlight: SCB Brisbane-UQ

The SCB UQ Brisbane Chapter is based at the University of Queensland and membership is open to anybody involved or interested in conservation science, policy or education in the Oceania region.

A recent guided walk of the restoration area on the UQ St Lucia campus.

The SCB UQ Brisbane chapter is dedicated to promoting the conservation of biodiversity and associated ecological processes that improve and maintain the ecosystem health of Southeast Queensland, Australia. To achieve this, our focus is on building the skills of our members to support conservation science and become more aware of conservation. In particular, we aim to engage students in conservation science.

Engaging students in conservation science is a key focus of our chapter.

Our chapter frequently hosts such events as talks, film screenings and casual social events where students, conservation professionals and interested community members can come together to learn and share thoughts and experiences on issues of conservation concern.

An additional aim of the chapter is to provide opportunities for locally-based SCB members to participate in regionally-oriented conservation activities by facilitating and promoting science-based habitat restoration for native biodiversity in Southeast Queensland. To this end we have been involved in a significant collaborative restoration effort to enhance habitat and habitat quality at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus. Our members are involved in ongoing monitoring efforts of the restoration area and the chapter will continue to pursue opportunities to enhance local biodiversity and habitat.

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