SCBO is proud to host regional conferences every two years. We have established a policy of rotating the location of these conferences between Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands:


2007 – Sydney, NSW “The Biodiversity Extinction Crisis: An Australasian and Pacific Response”

2011 – Co-Hosted ICCB Auckland, New Zealand “Engaging Society in Conservation”

2012 – Darwin, NT “People and Conservation in Land and Sea Country”

2014 – Suva, Fiji “Resilient Island Ecosystems and Communities”

2016Brisbane, QLD “Bridging Divides: Science meets action, water meets land”

2018Wellington, New Zealand “Conservation in a changing world”

2020 – We are in the process of selecting our location for 2020 and will announce the date and location during our Wellington Conference.

Conference attendance

The size of the conferences and diversity of attendees has been increasing and Wellington promises to uphold this trend.

*Note that total attendance for Sydney was not available. Therefore the numbers presented are only the presenters. The total number of attendees is estimated to have been 250.

Workshops for students and early career researchers and professionals

At all of our conference since 2014, we have provided training to mentor students and early career conservationists on their writing and presentations skills. Topics from our workshops have included:

  •  How to keep people interested through a presentation
  •  The secrets to delivering a compelling speed talk
  • Components of a scientific paper
  • Making good figures and tables
  • Choosing the right journal

We aim to continue to deliver these types of workshops at future SCBO conferences and are open to feedback on course content to best suit our members interests and needs.