2021 Nominations now open for the SCBO Board of Directors

Nominations are now open for the Society for Conservation Biology Oceania Section Board of DirectorsWe have the President-Elect position and 4 member at large positions that will be opening. Successful candidates will serve 3 year terms.

If you know of someone who would be a good candidate for one of these positions (self-nominations are welcome) please submit a nomination form by e-mail to elections@scboceania.org before 19th May 2021.

New Board members will be elected through a ballot of our members which will run 24th May-21st June 2021.

Board members are expected to be actively engaged in directing SCB Oceania through work on our Conservation Science & EducationEnvironmental Policy, and Strategic committees.

To ensure that board members, including Presidents, understand their collective responsibilities, we ask our board members to sign a contract outlining the vision and values of SCB Oceania, and board members’ roles and responsibilities.

Nominees must be members in good standing with the Society for Conservation Biology as well members of the Oceania Section, and must be willing to run for election before the deadline. If you nominate someone other than yourself, please do so early enough that his or her acceptance can be requested before the deadline. You can check the status of your membership, and/or join the Oceania Section at www.conbio.org.

SCB Oceania strives to be inclusive and welcoming of diversity in all its forms, and to foster a shared vision for the development of a diverse membership and leadership. The ability to participate and attain leadership in SCB Oceania should not be restricted to groups that are historically well represented in the field, and we welcome Board nominations from all locations within Oceania, all career stages, sectors and fields, all backgrounds, cultures, genders and sexual orientations.

By agreeing to stand for election, nominees indicate their willingness to serve the SCB Oceania Section by attending Board of Directors meetings during their term of office. Board meetings occur bi-monthly via Zoom, and once each year in person. We have met previously in Australia and New Zealand, and have covered travel costs for board members to attend where necessary.

Further details on the board, and elections process, can be found in our constitution.

Best of luck to all nominees!