SCB UQ Chapter Riverbank Restoration Project wins Green Gown Award

Working in partnership, the SCB UQ Chapter and UQ Properties and Facilities Management-Sustainability have made a roaring success of the Riverbank Restoration Project. Not only is the project bringing back habitat and wildlife alongside the Brisbane River, it has now been awarded an Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACT) Community Engagement Green Gown Award!

Here is why the Riverbank Restoration Project is a winner:

By partnering with the university community, the State Government, and local NRM groups to plant around 12,000 native seedlings at UQ’s St Lucia campus, one of Brisbane’s busiest urban spaces, this project has restored habitat for threatened species (particularly birds) by creating wildlife corridors that offer food and shelter. It has also removed hundreds of kilograms of plastic waste from mangrove areas of the Brisbane river. The project is not only a useful case study for improving biodiversity in urban areas, but also represents a valuable community engagement opportunity for UQ: two of the three tree-planting stages were carried out by staff and student volunteers, and the restored riverbank presents UQ students and researchers with ongoing scope for ecology and environmental management learning, discovery and engagement.

Congrats to all involved in the Restoration Committee and especially Nancy Auerbach, Leonie Seabrook, and Jeremy Simmonds.

You can read more about the SCB UQ/Brisbane chapter on their website.